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Who is Jeffery Martin?

Jeffery Martin started writing things down at ten. Sporadically, at first. He had questions, but the answers would take years to manifest and make sense.

Writing was looked down upon in his home, so he kept it to himself. He wrote about sad things, imaginary things and finally something others called ‘poetry’ began to find its way on his pages. He didn’t have a name for it, he just knew that expressing his experiences made going through them easier. Never feeling a part of the household he lived in writing became his silent friend.

And with this friend he wondered why he felt so afraid and awkward around his father. He wrote often about wanting to be someone else, someone his father would love more. No answers came, but he kept writing. Life and years rolled on like waves, some gentle, others huge and menacing but…he continued to write. At twenty-four he found out the abusive man he called father was not his father at all. Now, some things made sense.

The lies and abuse he had experienced pushed his pen even more. He was hearing that he was a ‘good writer’ more often, which he thought strange because he was writing to breathe. These bouts and love affairs with the pen have manifested into books and essays and stories but the root with his writing will always be connectedness to what he understands best: the written expression .

The Unity in Community

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